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Georgia Workers' Compensation Law

Have you been injured on your job?  If so, Georgia law says that you are automatically covered by insurance.  This insurance coverage is provided by your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier and it will provide you:

  • on-going medical care
  • weekly wage benefits if you cannot work
  • rehabilitation
  • a lump sum settlement of your claim in most cases

In order to receive these benefits it does not matter who was at fault in the accident - you need only prove that you were injured while “on the clock” performing a job function.  We can help you if you have any of the following injuries:

  • neck injury
  • carpal tunnel
  • back injury
  • closed head injuries
  • shoulder injury
  • crush injuries
  • spinal cord injury
  • puncture wounds
  • paralysis
  • ankle injuries
  • burns
  • internal organ damage
  • catastropic injuries
  • electrocution











Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Why, then, do you need a lawyer?  You need a lawyer because workers’ compensation cases are among the most  adversarial and heavily litigated areas of Georgia law.  Workers’ compensation insurance companies, their lawyers and even many employers will fight as hard as possible to avoid paying you anything at all, and if they have to pay they will try to spend as little as possible to settle you case, get your resignation and close their file.

  • They will contest everything about your case including whether you actually got hurt while on the clock and whether you are hurt at all.
  • They will refer you to company doctors who will offer substandard treatment and try to return you to work when you are still disabled.
  • They will fight you and cause delay if you seek treatment with a specialist or if expensive surgery is needed.
  • They will try to force you to settle for pennies on the dollar by improperly cutting off your wage benefits, hoping that hunger and frustration will cause you to accept a lowball offer.

Even loyal, hardworking employees who have been on the job for years will discover a dramatic change of attitude in their supervisors if a workers’ compensation case is filed.  While it would be nice to think that because you have been loyal and conscientious your employer will take care of you when you are hurt, the truth is often exactly the opposite.

Why Ginsberg Law Offices

At Ginsberg Law Offices, we represent injured workers only. Our senior workers’ compensation litigator, Jodi Ginsberg, spent the first 5 years of her career on the other side, representing employers and insurance companies.  For the last 17 years she has represented workers only, but she knows firsthand how the other side operates.

We know the importance of properly, accurately and timely notice of injury.  We know about the delay tactics used by insurance company lawyers and about their favorite doctors. We know how to evaluate the insurance company’s exposure and when a case is likely to settle for top dollar.

When you hire Ginsberg Law Offices, most of your conversations will be with Jodi Ginsberg personally, and not a secretary or junior associate.  When you go to a mediation or to court, Jodi Ginsberg will be at your side.

Educate Yourself About Georgia Workers
Comp. Law by Reading this Web Site

Use this web site to educate yourself about Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation law.  We have tried to make this site both informative and easy to read.  Inside you’ll find answers to the most common questions we have received over the past 15 years about workers’ comp., including the following:

  • You’ll discover when an injured worker becomes eligible for lost wage benefits, and what happens if the check is late. 
  • You’ll learn about mileage reimbursement for doctor’s visits and how to replace a company doctor is not providing quality care.
  • Your discover that when you make a settlement demand can change the value of your case - by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars
  • Your learn about “catastrophic injury” designation and the effect of a Social Security application during a workers’ compensation case
  • Your know about the form you absolutely must have in hand if you try to go back to work and the damage to your case if you return without this document

When you are injured on the job, everything you have worked for you entire life will be at risk - your finances, your career and most importantly your health.  Before you enter into any agreements with your employer or its insurance company, call our office for a free evaluation.  Too much is at stake to navigate the dangerous waters of workers compensation law alone.

Jodi Ginsberg and the staff of Ginsberg Law Offices awaits your call.  Jodi’s direct line is 770-351-0801 and you can e-mail her directly by clicking on the e-mail Jodi link.

We hope you find this web site helpful and we look forward to receiving your call.

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